2 x Motion Sensing Cameras
1TB Recorder (DVR)
Fully Installed & Set-Up
From £349.99

CCTV Installation

Be more secure - view any aspect of your property at any time by installing a smart CCTV camera system. Depending on what you require, we can install a single camera or as many cameras as are needed to protect your property. With a smart CCTV system installed by us, you can record and playback in either Full HD or Ultra HD*, setup heat and motion based tracking for vulnerable areas and record several cameras to the digital video recorder (DVR) with no additional ongoing fees.

Poor lighting is not a problem for a camera installation by Install-Smart, our CCTV systems have fantastic vision for up to 30 metres at night, and if you want more shine more light on the subject, we also have options for cameras with built-in remote-controllable spotlights. Use your Android or IOS phone to view your cameras from anywhere in the world, set optional push alerts if movement is detected within specific areas, record all cameras onto a massive hard drive and use fast playback features to recall events when needed.

Smart Alarm Installation

Get instant peace of mind and protect your family, pets and property by installing a smart alarm to secure your property no matter whether you're home or away. With a smart alarm installation you're in full control of your security, an activated alarm can be instantly checked and responded to using your phone, and remote functionality such as disarm, rearm and more allowing you to control the security of your home or business premises from wherever you are.

We provide a professional smart alarm installation service with minimal disruption for both wired and wireless security systems.

Smart Device Installation

Have you bought or are considering buying a new smart device? Need help installing and setting up your new smart device with your home network? Install-Smart provide a professional smart device installation and technical call-out service. If you need help with your new devices get in touch for a free quote...

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